The Last Night (Season 1)

The Last Night (Season 1) Hindi Web Series All Episodes 01-12 Free Download Torrent

The Last Night (2019) Prime Flix Hindi Series (S01 Complete E01 – 08)


The mysterious past of a husband takes his happy family to a hell home. The revenge of a soul.
A soul who was missed over in the name of love and enmeshes the present of the family with the past.
The last night is the saga of a wife ready to fight anything or anyone to save her family, pitted against the soul.
Whether the wife or the soul will come out on top, that remains to be see.
This story is dark, chilling and is going to leave you in a blue funk.

Cast : Tariq Imtyaz, Arjun Manhas, Monica Rathore, Nida Khan,
Prem Kumar, Amit Pandya, Geeta Thakkar, Dhruvil Sangral, Shrutyi Gaokar.
Director: ShahidKazmi.

Format: Mkv
Resolution: 1280*720
Language: Hindi
No. of Episodes: 08














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