Shrikant Bashir (Season 1)

Shrikant Bashir (Season 1) Complete Hindi Web Series Episodes 1-26 Free Download Torrent

Shrikant Bashir (2020):
A radical terrorist outfit has planned to unleash the deadly Ebola virus in the country,
and they must be stopped at any cost. It’s a race against time for Shrikant and Bashir.

Cast: Gashmeer Mahajani, Yudhishtir Singh, Rishi Negi, Deepak Dhar, Mantramugdh,
Ashmita Jaggi, Pooja Gor and Kunal Pant.

Director: Santosh Shetty.

Format: Mkv
Resolution: 1280*720
Audio: Hindi [ AAC ]
Subtitles: Eng (Soft)
No.of Episodes: 26 (Season 01 Complete)
Platform: Sony Liv.















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